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Take your company to the next level

ERP solution parameterized according to the needs of each client.


Designed to improve the company's management systems.


Proprietary APIs to ensure integration of Nikel ERP with other applications.


Implementation Areas












Electronic Invoice


Business Intelligence

AI & Machine Learning


Reduce Costs


Improving Performance


Explore the market

Do you want to be a leader in your industry?

get ready to ...

ERP Cloud

Specially designed for SMEs in the process of growth

Nikel ERP Cloud

ERP for SMEs. We standardize the common. We customize the differences.

We are manufacturers and implementers. Very agile and fast maintenance.

Compatible with current platforms: MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.

Integration with XML, JSON, Web API programs and technologies. Direct connection to DB.

Pay-per-use Cloud option, and in-house option with server

ERP applications using non-proprietary tools.

All functionalities

Nikel takes care of everything. Backups, automatic updates and data migration.

From the beginning, you will not invest. Requires additional hardware.

01. Investment 0 euros

Pay-per-use (SaaS). You only pay for what you use.

02. SaaS

Access with any device and from anywhere.

03. Access

You choose the future of your company. You have no commitment.

04. Permanence

A single monthly invoice that goes directly to the expense.

04. Payments

Maximum security. Total protection of all your data.

04. Security


100% customizable, proprietary and totally flexible. The CRM with infinite possibilities

Nikel CRM


It must collect and classify in a single repository all the company's business information.


Guide and prioritize the commercial activity. It will allow you to make decisions with no margin for error


Propose concrete sales and marketing actions

Nikel's CRM is specially designed for SMEs.

Office 365

Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point, Teams...

Sales Funnel

Customer conversion process


You discover who you are closest to

Website visits

CTR, bounce rate, sessions, conversations...


Access from anywhere

Marketing Campaigns

Offers, discounts, sales...


traffic, transactions, conversions...


Customer lists, regular customers...

External Databases

Payments, order status...

Compilation of information from different sources: ERP, Exceles, external databases, etc. Various descriptive and explanatory reports of what has happened.

Traditional Business Intelligence

Internal Artificial Intelligence engines to detect behavioral patterns and propose concrete actions. Various descriptive and explanatory reports of what has happened but at another level of elaboration, more detailed.

New Generation: Business Intelligence

Background IA

Transform information into knowledge. Automate your company's decision-making processes.

Business Intelligence


Nikel BI

Developed with the most sophisticated tools on the market

Fully open to the incorporation of the latest digital gadgets

Open Source

Direct connection to standard ERPs: SAP, Dynamics, SAGE, etc.


With 100% performance and pay-as-you-go for immediate availability and 0 investment


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Centralize your actions from a Native App

Direct connection to applications at the click of a button. Improve your productivity with the most advanced technology.

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Business Intelligence Functions

Data storage

Real-time reporting

Predictive analytics

Decision making

Marketing effectiveness

Identifies patterns


100% custom-made.

A scalable, secure and easy to use solution, giving you a smooth and reliable experience.


Applications developed for a particular operating system (IOS, Android).


  • Improved customer experience

  • Integration with enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, SCM

  • Regular updates and maintenance with new functionalities

Native Applications

Web applications run directly in the browser, accessible from any device.


  • Ease of implementation and upgrades

  • Reduced costs: updates and upgrades are done from the server

  • Integration with enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, SCM

Web Applications

Nikel's B2B applications can be based on both native applications and web applications, depending on the company's particular needs and requirements in terms of performance, functionality, user experience and accessibility.

What are Nikel's Apps based on?

App Development

Transform your business with mobile solutions tailored to your needs. Optimize the productivity and efficiency of your business management.

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Nikel has adopted Flutter technology as the foundation for building their B2B enterprise applications. With Flutter, Nikel has been able to significantly speed up the development process by allowing them to create native iOS, Android and web apps from a single source code. Because of Flutter's versatility at Nikel, we offer customized and high quality solutions to our customers.

Technology we use for our projects

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Succes Stories

Real examples of success stories of companies from different sectors such as: industry, distribution, services and food. In each of them we have designed and implemented B2B applications tailored to the needs of each client.