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Production Planning and Management

Nikel ERP for planning and production management. It automates the processes of organizing time and delivery schedules based on finite resources.

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Services offered:

  • Production planning algorithm based on stock availability, machine performance, available resources, delivery dates, material availability, etc.

  • It incorporates a Machine Learning system that learns as it records real-time information about production.

  • Quality and batch control for all production steps.

  • Integrated with LEAN processes.

  • Optimal production batch. Possibility of integrating the storage cost variable.

  • List of indispensable materials for production management. Monitoring of the quality of materials required for the production of: metallurgy, mechanics, industrial manufacturing, etc.

  • Integration of the quantity and disposition of materials, automated system in real time.

  • Identification of the operating personnel involved in the production process. Integrated in the planning table.

  • Operator management control module according to customer needs and requirements.

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