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100% Customizable Business Management Software


We use state-of-the-art tools. We have experience in a wide range of sectors. We are a team with high capabilities, prepared for any type of project.


We use advanced technology, all data is stored securely in the cloud or in-house.

Programador Software


We develop and implement our own solutions. Each software is unique and developed with the specific needs of each company.

Optimize your business processes with Nikel ERP: The definitive solution for efficient management

Nikel ERP is ours, we have developed it ourselves and we implement it 100% ourselves. It is the result of 25 years of experience in business management and in the development and implementation of technology projects.

Nikel ERP

The opportunities are endless

Implementation areas

more technology, less time

Dynamic workflow for order approval, based on the nature and value of the order. Integration with OCR Machine Learning module for automatic accounting and supplier invoice management.


Integration with purchasing needs and Technical Service (SAT). Pro-forma invoices in PDF and multi-language. Automatic mass sending by email with digital certificate.


Full integration with the AEAT. Automatic tax settlement: VAT, Personal Income Tax, 347, 340, Companies... SII: Immediate Supply of VAT Information. Partner approved by the Tax Agency, since 2011.


Parameterization for shipment prioritization by FIFO or LIFO, batches and/or expiration date. Control and traceability of serial numbers. Integration with the production module for needs calculation.


Different types of picking: Miniloads, Click & Collect, Put to light, vertical cabinets, Flash Pick,... Control of warehouses and shipments. FIFO/LIFO automation. Inventory management. Punctuality and permanence.


CRM integration: Convertibility ratios. Acceptance level per salesperson, product family, etc. Integration with AI: Automatic proposal of offers to customers based on consumption...


Automatic and parameterizable robot that performs the mechanical tasks of the Supply Chain. Integrated quality control throughout the process. Quality at origin. Approval and evaluation of suppliers.

Supply Chain

Production planning algorithm based on stock availability, machine performance, available resources, delivery dates, material availability, etc.


It automates the real-time parameterization and organization of availability at all times and in each product warehouse. Integration with the WMS is essential.


There's still more...

Nikel's newest implementations, developed with the latest technology in the IT market.

Document Management

Automates digital document management, storage and control processes


Automates the online sales channel and centralizes all processes in a single IT system. 

Electronic Invoice

Automates billing processes, with the relevant legal requirements.
0 probability of being manipulated.


Automate the pending parts of projects, get the customer's digital signature, request and close projects with your customers.

Business Intelligence

With 100% of benefits and pay-as-you-go, immediate availability.

immediate availability.

IA & Machine Learning

Optimizes computer system functions, until the ERP recognizes update patterns on its own.
azul borroso


At Nikel we have experience in a wide variety of sectors. Which has given us great learning to be able to face new challenges.










We are experts in management information technology

Nikel ERP adapts quickly to the needs of the market and the specifics of each company.

When we accept a project, it is because we believe in you and your company. We guarantee 100% success.

We guarantee 100%

We are used to challenges. We like excellence. We want to ensure success, therefore we work by objectives and we like to achieve them.


We have experience in many sectors and know very well the needs of each one of them. Our customizable software makes your specialty shine even brighter. We face any challenge without fear.

Knowledge of the industry

Our clients

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From Nikel we help you throughout the process. We will inform you without obligation.

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