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The pioneer of healthy habits in the company, the efficiency of global logistics.

Integration with ERP

CRM Sales Force, Transport and Web

Logo Refruiting

Refruiting is a fruit service company for offices and companies. Personalized deliveries in each case. Top quality fruit, providing a healthy habit within the workplace. Their growth strategy is to help their customers to create healthy eating habits among their workers. Today they serve hundreds of companies and have reached an agreement with Armetller Origen to distribute their products.


One of the reasons for Refruiting's success is its global logistics: the customer places the order from the web and the next day receives it at his office, with no human intervention except for shipping. This is due to the total integration between the different IT tools involved: the Web, SalesForce, Nikel ERP's logistics module, and the Routific APP.


A logistics system to the order management chain


Chain integration of the Nikel ERP logistics module.

The system is able to integrate any necessary data for each customer, it will automatically generate an offer in a document, specifying the needs and their value. 

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