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An App connected online to the ERP: improves service, increases efficiency and drastically reduces administrative processes.

2.700 H

Savings in administrative work

65.000 €

Net annual savings


Improved quality of service

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LUNET FACILITY SERVICES is a full service company with more than 35 years of experience in the sector. It offers professional cleaning and maintenance services for those companies that need an integral management of their offices. They cover a wide variety of sectors giving coverage to all the needs of Facility Services.


Its differential value is its ability to offer a comprehensive Facility Services service covering almost all the needs of companies.


As with most of our clients, LUNET has implemented all Nikel ERP modules. This has allowed them to grow in recent years despite being in one of the most mature sectors, and where the proper application of technology is key to providing better service without increasing costs.


In recent years, we were approached with the need to create an APP, connected online with the ERP, to digitize the routes of their teams of specialists. The objective: to improve service, increase efficiency, drastically reduce administrative processes.


Digitize routes and the work of specialists. 100% online connection between the office and the operators.


New APP (iOS & Android) connected online with Nikel ERP for the daily work of specialists: route management, job description, online confirmation, automatic generation of work order, online connection with payroll module.

The system is able to integrate any necessary data for each customer, it will automatically generate an offer in a document, specifying the needs and their value. 

1. Task List

List of daily tasks

2. Services for each task

Description of services to be performed per task

3. Destination Route

The app provides a quick route to destination

4. Task in progress

The task is currently being performed

5. Completion of the task

The specialist and the client sign and may add comments.

Lunet App - Success Stories
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