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The success of hiring Nikel ERP, the advantages of customizing your database

1 month

Nikel ERP start-up time

15 day

Start-up time of a subsidiary

Logo Cohersa

Cohersa is a family company dedicated to the commercialization of abrasives. Headquartered in Barcelona, where the administration, manufacturing and central warehouse are concentrated. They are present in Bilbao, Seville, Madrid, Portugal, Romania, UK and Dominican Republic. It markets products such as micro abrasives, grinding wheels, applied abrasives and diamond tools, among others.


Cohersa's strategic plan contemplated the need for a single ERP that would allow the company to grow and increase the number of branches, and at the same time filter the data so that each branch would only see its own data. The head office should have access to everything. After evaluating several standard software options, Cohersa chose Nikel ERP because we were the only ones able to offer a solution fully adapted to their needs, without losing functionality and with the power of all our ERP modules.


In the words of Cohersa "the key to Nikel is that they are the manufacturer of the software, which has allowed us to have the exact tool we needed".


Filter the information so that each subsidiary only sees its own data. And at the same time the head office can access all the data. And all with a single database, and a single ERP.


It was not necessary to touch the programs that make up Nikel ERP. We simply added filters to the database depending on the subsidiary operating.

  1. Company with several branches, in the process of expansion, and with the need to have a single ERP (multilanguage, multi-company,...) capable of filtering the data needed by each subsidiary.

  2. Incorporation of new sites almost immediately and without the need to modify the programs that make up the ERP.

  3. Parameterize Nikel ERP with the data of the new branches. Transfer of data from any previous ERP.

Caso de Éxito - Cohersa
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