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The success of a POS application, automation of the replenishment process at the point of sale.

2.350 H

Hour/ Savings worker

79.000 €

Net annual savings


Improved quality of service

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CELO is an international company dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-precision fastening solutions. Without losing its roots as a family business, it has an international presence in three continents: Europe, Asia and America. 


Our commitment to CELO is total, and this relationship has made possible our client's and our own sustained growth. As with most of our customers, CELO has implemented all the Nikel ERP modules, which has enabled them to achieve their significant growth figures, despite their geographical dispersion.


As part of their continuous improvement process, we recently came up with the need to provide the sales force with an APP to automate the replenishment process of more than 100 points of sale.


Automating the replenishment process at the point of sale


Development of an APP (iOS & Android) for managers and connected online with the ERP.

Everything went smoothly. They went from a process of 3 hours and 1 day between comings and goings, to one of 10 minutes. In numbers, the savings was 2,350 hours/worker per year, and in euros it was 79,000. In addition to the spectacular improvement in service.

Celo success case process
1. Visits Manager

Periodic visits to check the store shelves

2. Scan

Through the APP scan the products to be replenished

3. Visualization

Availability and price of each product

4. Orders

Replenish directly

5. Confirmation

Confirm your order and receive it directly at the store.

App Celo caso de éxito
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