Technical Assistance Service

Nikel ERP helpdesk management. Automate pending parts of projects, get the customer's digital signature, requests and close projects with your customers.

  • Call management. Information online and/or by application of previous parts and machines sold to the customer.

  • Assignment of parts to technicians. Parts in-house or at customers' premises. Control of expenses fully incorporated to the parts.

  • Warranty integration with the rest of the modules. The warranty is generated at the time of invoicing the customer.

  • Management of all types of contracts by customer and machine: contract for materials, hours, travel, spare parts, etc... Access to the situation of the contracts in real time and at the moment of opening the report and/or closing it.

  • Incorporates a complete parts planning system for the distribution of workloads between technicians and compliance with delivery deadlines.

  • Web Service for online transmission of the report. Generation of the billable delivery note and execution of the necessary stock operations.