ERP module specifically designed for customer access, suppliers and technical service technicians.

ERP in your pocket. This is the idea we set out with when we started making mobile apps. The success has been huge and we have developed dozens of applications that support our ERP.

Our philosophy is to create an APP for everything that can be done from a mobile phone. Applications that work in direct connection with the ERP database so that the information is always online. The functions and departments that have been most favoured are those in which users carry out part of their work outside the office. And the trend continues.

Some examples:

  1. Dashboards with KPIs. Direct connection with BI for the configuration of scorecards and alerts.

  2. Sales. Generation of offers and orders, various stock queries, shipment status, collections. Updating of customer data.

  3. Route management for service companies.

  4. Integration with the company's WorkFlows for viewing and approval of documents / invoices.

  5. Internal messaging salesman-backoffice.

  6. SAT. Special APP for the complete management of Technical Assistance.