Nikel Business Intelligence, automate your company's decision-making processes.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool for the exploration of data, both the company's own data and data from external sources. The proliferation of these tools in the business world has been exponential, and today it is absolutely essential for management and decision-making.

Aware of this situation, at Nikel ERP have worked in three directions:

  1. Incorporate PowerBI as a BI tool in our product catalogue. We have developed all the necessary connections and in all the modules, so that all the data can be processed from a tool developed by Nikel using PowerBI. This has allowed us to achieve a level of speed and ease of customisation that is almost unbeatable.

  2. Collect and store as much information as possible in the ERP and in all its modules. This has also been useful for the ML & AI module.

  3. Create APIs and Web Services to facilitate the connection of BI tools with all Nikel ERP modules. Predefined connections with other BI software such as QView, Cognos, SAP BI, MicroStrategy, etc.